So, this is it. I’m finally starting my first blog. And at 27 ! I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Procrastination happens to actually be my middle name. Once I get the swing of things, it’ll probably become fun and a tad bit more interesting but for now, hang tight while I continue to get my life together.

I’m a stay at home mom with three wild beautiful savages. Some people are really good at sports, crafts, music – whatever their niche ; I was born to be a mom. Through the years of bottles, diapers, fruit snacks and temper tantrums – truly, there isn’t anything I love more than their mama. Something about it that soothes the soul.

You can also find me in the kitchen, not just because those beautiful savages are always demanding a snack – but because I love to bake just about anything.

During this new journey, I’ll be getting more in tuned with myself and sharing some things I’ve learned along the way with self help books, podcasts etc for getting through trauma, depression and anxiety. I’ll also get into some fun things I do with the fam, along with some bomb ass recipes.

I appreciate all good vibes & support throughout this new phase of my life and am excited to share it with the world not only to get my own therapy, but in hopes of helping, encouraging & lifting someone else.

Much love, little babies.

xoxo B

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