Birthday Blues

Today marks the first of many for your birthday’s in heaven. Although I’m ferociously mad at you for not being here and making the dumb decisions you did, I’m still sad I can’t celebrate with you.

Growing up, I was so privileged to have you as a brother for as long as I did. You taught me to count in Spanish, how to defend myself along with how to properly hold my fist when punching someone. And one of my favorites, the meaning of clouds being hot and cold. There are so many daily reminders. Nothing could have prepared me for losing you. When you were home, I could count on you at the drop of a dime. You didn’t ask questions and you barely hesitated, you were always more than willing to take care of your baby sister. To see you become and grow as an uncle is something I’ll cherish forever. We were so lucky. It pulls at my heart to know they won’t be able to get to know you like I did. You were such a good dude and had so much more life to live. We miss you, everyday.

I hope wherever you are, you’re finally at peace. Lord knows, you deserve it. I’ll forever be your keeper and you my protector.

I love you, bub. Happy 36th Birthday.

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